Going Tribal Reviews

"My schoolies boys were lucky enough to choose Ballina Beach village as a venue to celebrate their end of year. They returned home with nothing but great things to say. They were looked after by the operators and they raved about the food. I loved the fact that they were safe, they were given 2 cabins to share between them and their experience was memorable rather than not!
It is fantastic the operators have embraced "schoolies" and allow the kids to have such an experience in a safe & happy environment. Compared to others we also thought that the costs were reasonable. Definitely recommend to parents who agonise over this event" - Happy Mother

"I want to thank you and all your staff, I heard about “Mum & Dad” & Toby etc and the way you guys have embraced schoolies and look after our kids. I am overwhelmed because they came back happy and safe and they had such a good time. The memories will be awesome and you guys will always be a part of that. They recounted such positive experiences. I hope that this is the way you all felt at Going Tribal and I think they will miss you guys this week even though going into fresh sheets last night was welcomed by Jake & Dylan.
Many many thanks from  relieved and proud parents
PS I am going to be recommending your facility as parents are looking for safe environments for these events. My last child Matt will be celebrating schoolies in 2014 and I would love him to go there" - Jane McCormack

"I just wanted to second Jane McCormack's sentiments & thank you & all your staff for ensuring that our boys had a memorable & safe schoolies experience. From my initial contact with you I was very impressed with your friendliness & your willingness to help. Elliot had a really, really good time & I would not hesitate in recommending yourselves. As a parent it made a massive difference to know they were safe & being looked out for." - Isobel Brown

"Hey Rikki thanks for the reply, I will contact you this afternoon on mobile to discuss the arrangements. So far I am looking forward to it so much, I have to say that the resort and the schoolies are completely different from everywhere else. no curfew (schoolies) pet friendly (resort) lowest prices in or around the gold coast, your prices are $210 to $595, and the lowest price i could find anywhere else for schoolies is about $550 and rooms go up to $2,500 (Nobby beach holiday village), so you have MUCH cheaper prices (schoolies) just had to point out those few things because they really REALLY impressed me. Thank you and i'll talk to you later" - Carson Purvis

"The schoolies week i had was a week not only filled with fun, but also with adventure.  The people who took care of us were amazing and became like family.  If you're ever considering schoolies, i would greatly recommend coming here." - James Bickerstaff

"Everyone at the site were so great, and the location is so chill.  I'd probably go back if i needed to get away from the city." - Aran Tanaka

"The best schoolies vacation ever we will always remember the people, the fun and the experience of a lifetime." - Brock and Holly

"thank you for putting in all the effort to make our one week of celebration as good as it could be, thanks to mum, dad, the chef and that scary old man who yelled at me for stealing his mop.  The BBQ was delicious.  Thanks." - Riah Koll

"It was the best week of my life, great people, great atmosphere and awesome activities… i would definitely do it again, it was sooo much fun!!!" - Melissa Chase

"Thank you soooo much for a wonderful week, it was awesome!!!! Definitely coming back and doing it again!!!!" - Melissa Chase

"Thank you for making schoolies a great week for our group and everyone else.  The staff were all really nice people and easy to get along with.  The laid back feeling and relaxing atmosphere made a great week." - Leighton Doeland

"Going Tribal was a great way to enjoy schoolies in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.  Heaps of fun for about the third of the cost of staying in Byron or surfers." - Rhys Herriott

"Thank you so much for an awesome time.  Everyone was so welcoming and prepared to party.  Going tirbal was the best thing i could've done for schoolies." - Laura Carroll

"Going Tribal is the ultimate schoolies resort!  Its relaxed attitude about everything is contagious and made for the best week of my life!" - Casey Paquola

"It’s so amazing, great entertainment every night, you will meet amazing people that you will never forget." - Kassie Schubert

"I had the best week of my life.  There was so much freedom but also so many things to do in case you did get bored.  Everyone was so friendly, I wish I could go back." - Michelle Noga

"Going Tribal is the best experience of a life time.  The people you meet are amazing.  It was definitely the highlight of the year." - Nick Wood

"So amazing, i wish we could do schoolies here every year! I'll never forget "Going Tribal." - Jesse Crowe

"Gold Coast schoolies has nothing on Going Tribal.  It was the most amazing experience and I wish I never had to leave." - Joccoaa Lavell

"A fun, exciting, eventful place to stay and meet new people.  Relax during the day, party at night, and all the staff were helpful and fun to be with." - Haley Wright

"This was the awesomest week!  The staff were amazing, really relaxed and so accommodating for our every need, you need to go on a grog/movie/grocery run?  They'll just drive you wherever you want to go.  Unlike everywhere else in Byron and Gold Coast, Going Tribal actually wants us to have a good time!  No noise curfews or anything like that plus if you ever get bored (which i guarantee you won't, what with the tribal raves, fire dancing and trapeze swinging) there's a bus that goes to and from Byron that's free!" - Kristy Stewart

"Best schoolies ever." - Nathan Goldstone